Adrian Ost

Born in Southern California and raised in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, Adrian learned to play drums at a very young age. His introduction to jazz music by his very musical family, made him spend all of his time playing and learning the drums.

During his high school years, he got involved in every music program available to him, which earned him a scholarship and the opportunity to play drums in his local college jazz department. Those four years in college, he devoted his time to honing in his talents as a drummer and also spent time playing in a big band touring overseas on cruise ships.

Because Adrian was not only influenced by jazz, but by pop/rock music as well, he made the move from his small town to Portland, Oregon to try to establish himself in the rock scene. In just over a year he found himself in his first major label band, and touring across the States. Touring the States introduced him to many people, including the likes of Simon and Edsel of Dope. Having heard that Powerman 5000 was looking for a drummer they called Adrian and introduced him to Spider. Spider liked what he heard and decided to fly Adrian down to Los Angeles to audition for the band. His talent immediately landed him the gig, and he has now become the new driving force behind the band.



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