Oscar Seaton

“Playing drums is all I’ve wanted to do. Being a drummer was not a choice for me, it is my God-given talent - it’s part of me.”

Oscar’s natural talent for drums was evident at the age of four when he started banging on his mom’s pots and pans. At age fifteen, he progressed to playing Yamaha drums.  Oscar’s musical creativity was birthed in the church followed by local gigs around Chicago.

Oscar got his first major break playing with legend Ramsey Lewis.  Since Lewis, Oscar has played, recorded or toured with artist Grover Washington Jr., David Sanborn, Joe Sample, Kirk Whalum, Phil Upchurch, Freed Hague, Yolanda Adams, Brian Cuberson, Michael Manson, Boz Scaggs, Don Grusin, Dave Grusin, George Benson, Lionel Richie, Lee Ritenour, and Mike Post to name a few.  Oscar’s impeccable timing and pocket has earned him the name“SEATPOCKET.”

Today, Oscar is busy balancing recording and touring dates.  When not on the road, Oscar is writing, recording and playing with his own bands, jazz project “Date of Birth,” and rock project “13 Curves.”




CD and DVD Credits:
Bill Boris’ "Hold Back"
Carl Burnett’s “Life Before Midi: Naked”
Don Grusin’s Grammy-nominated “The Hang”
HBO Film’s “Lackawanna Blues”
Spike Lee’s “Inside Man”
Michael O'Neill’s "Funky Fiesta”
Lionel Richie’s “Encore”
Lee Ritenour’s “Overtime”
Dino Soldo’s “Thread”
Chris Standring’s “Groovalicious”

Yamaha - Drums
Zildjian - Cymbals
Vic Firth - Drum Sticks
Remo - Drum Heads
Head First - Custom Bass Drum Heads


Headphone Metronome System

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