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Rogers Drums and Hardware is the vehicle for the rebirth of one of the greatest names in the history of drums. Over several decades, Rogers has remained one of the top vintage brands, building a large following of devoted fans, and distinctly influencing many drum builders of today. With respect to this original legacy, Rogers USA has crafted a new approach to reclaim the brand’s Golden Era of inventive design during the 1950’s and 60’s. Through the collective vision of veteran players, builders and vintage experts, Rogers USA has set out to give today’s drummers the opportunity to experience the vintage sound, innovations and the visual beauty that the original brand was famous for. Our shared goal is to be as innovative as the products we make, and to expand the brand’s pioneering vision forward using 21st Century manufacturing for consistency and quality. Our mission is to satisfy Roger’s hardcore vintage enthusiasts and introduce today’s generation of drummers to the legacy of the true Rogers sound.

Rogers USA presents the reborn Dyna-Sonic. The snare drum that “changed the game” in the mid-20th century is back in this stunning, yet faithful tribute to the all-time classic. This ten-lug beauty is meticulously based on the design and styling of the rare, original wood shell snare model. Constructed of select North American hardwoods and finished in luscious White Marine Pearl, Black Diamond Pearl, and Silver Sparkle with precision-cast, chromed hardware.  At the heart of the drum is the Rogers proprietary, floating snare rail system, which provides extraordinary sensitivity and control that has never been matched.  Beautifully appointed with the Rogers script logo, oval badge and clock face strainer, the new Rogers Dyna-Sonic stands as a masterpiece of art and sonic excellence.  Two classic sizes available: 
Model #32: 5” x 14” &  Model #33: 6.5” x 14”

To honor and support the brand’s history, Rogers USA is also introducing a complete 
selection of Authentic Dyna-Sonic Replacement Parts. Accurately recreated to the original dimensions and mounting hole patterns, these beautifully-chromed, die-cast parts and accessories are now constructed for lasting durability - to replace old, broken or missing parts on original Rogers drums. Includes all the Dyna-Sonic hardware: lugs, rims, strainer, butt-end, tone control, logo badge, snares and snare rail.  Brought to you with authenticity by Rogers USA. 

Rogers USA will be distributed exclusively by Big Bang Distribution

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