AHEAD Armor Drum Cases

Set A New Standard For Protection

By Combining Patented Designs, Advanced Materials And Superior Craftsmanship.

AHEAD and Big Bang Distribution are proud to announce the introduction of the groundbreaking new line of AHEAD Armor Drum Cases. Licensed by Revolution Drum, the innovative cases feature several major breakthroughs in drum bag design, including the patented “TruForm” teardrop shape and “DynaZip” multi-directional zipper along with the “DX-Core” internal padding system. These drummer-friendly designs not only advance the state-of-the-art, they completely change the conversation about the reliability, safety and convenience of soft drum cases.

“Drummers always invest in the best set of drums they can find and they deserve an equally advanced way to protect that investment,” says Big Bang president, Bob Kasha. “AHEAD Armor Cases are designed to meet that demand— providing the highest levels of strength and protection at a highly affordable price.”

“We’re not just re-inventing the wheel,” Kasha continues. “The wheel is round. AHEAD Armor Cases are definitely not.”

Indeed, the advantages of Armor cases begin with their unique shape. Employing Revolution’s patented “TruForm” design, the shape of each case corresponds to the “true” shape of the drum plus its mounting hardware. The universal, teardrop design allows a much snugger drum fit. It also allows dealers to reduce their inventory by eliminating the need to double-stock separate bags for tom-toms with and without suspension mounts and bass drums with and without tom mounts.

Secondly, the patented “DynaZip” zipping system makes it easier to take the drums in and out of the cases by combining an ingenious cutaway design with a zipper that travels along the diameter of the case as well as down both sides of the cutout.

Finally, the Armor cases incorporate AHEAD’s exclusive “DX-Core”. The drum-hugging DX-Core provides the security of two layers of high-impact foam padding plus the softness of premium-grade Sherpa Fleece lining. This significantly increases both the shock-absorption of the bags and the protection of the drums. Yet, the plush interior is complemented by the strength and durability of a virtually indestructible, weather-resistant, water-proof, double-stitched, 600-denier, polyester fabric exterior.

“At Big Bang Distribution we are dedicated to bringing drummers and percussionists the most innovative products available,” Kasha explains. “Through nearly 20 years of experience collaborating with leading suppliers—including our recent association with Protection Racket—we have learned a lot about the drum case business. We are proud of all that we have achieved for them and their worldwide success and wish them the best in all future endeavors. However, we are confident that AHEAD Armor cases represent the shape of things to come for us, our dealers and the drumming community.”


Revolutionary OGIO Hardware Sled From AHEAD Armor Cases.

Designed for every drummer who has struggled to protect their heavy-duty drum hardware while efficiently transporting it, the revolutionary new OGIO Drum Sled from AHEAD Armor Cases combines the versatility and durability of a top-quality synthetic fabric case with the portability and reliability of a state-of-the-art roller-board system originally developed for the airline industry.

With its reinforced platform supporting a virtually indestructible, weather-resistant, double-stitched, 600-denier, polyester fabric case—plus a fully-retractable handle, oversized wheels and double-locking, adjustable straps—the AHEAD Armor Sled is more than tough enough to survive everything from local weekend gigs to full-on, cross-country tours. And, 38”x16”x14”, the AHEAD Sled is plenty big enough to carry a complete set of stands, pedals, thrones and accessories.

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 Ahead Armor Cases
  Bass Drum Cases
AR1418 14" X 18" w/ Leg BD Case
AR1618 16" X 18" BD Case
AR1818 18" X 18" BD Case
AR1420 14" X 20" BD Case
AR1620 16" X 20" BD Case
AR1820 18" X 20" BD Case
AR2020 20" X 20" BD Case
AR2420 24" X 20" Deep BD Case
AR1422 14" X 22" BD Case
AR1622 16" X 22" BD Case
AR1822 18" X 22" BD Case
AR2022 22" X 20" BD Case
AR2024 20" X 24" BD Case
AR1723 17" X 23" BD Case
AR2422 24" X 22" Deep BD Case
AR1424 14" X 24" BD Case
AR1624 16" X 24" BD Case
AR1824 18" X 24" BD Case
AR1426 14" X 26" BD Case
AR1626 16" X 26" BD Case
AR1826 18" X 26" BD Case
AR2026 20" X 26" BD Case
AR2226 22" X 26" BD Case
AR822 8" X 22" DW Woofer Drum Case
  Floor Tom Cases
AR2013 14" X 18" Floor Tom Case
AR2014 14" X 14" Floor Tom Case
AR2015 16" depth X 14" diameter Floor Tom Case
AR2016 16" X 16" Floor Tom Case
AR2017 16" X 18" Floor Tom Case
AR2018 18" X 18" Floor Tom Case
  Snare Drum Cases
AR3003 3" X 13" Piccolo Snare Case
AR3004 4" X 14" Piccolo Snare Case
AR3005 6.5" X 15" Free Floater Snare Case 
AR3006 6.5" X 14" Standard Snare Case
AR3007 5" X 13" Piccolo Snare Case
AR3008 7" X 12" Snare Case
AR3009 8" X 14" Snare Case
AR3010 5" X 10" Piccolo Snare Case
AR3011 5.5" X 14" Snare Case 
AR3012 5" X 12" Piccolo Snare Case
AR3013 7" X 13"  Snare Case
AR3014 6.5" X 13" Snare Case
  Power Tom Cases
AR4006 6" X 8" Power Tom Case
AR4008 8" X 8" Power Tom Case
AR4010 9" X 10" Power Tom Case
AR4012 10" X 12" Power Tom Case
AR4013 11" X 13" Power Tom Case
AR4014 12" X 14" Power Tom Case
AR4015 13" X 15" Power Tom Case
AR4016 14" X 16" Power Tom Case
  Standard Tom Cases
AR5010  8" X 10" Standard Tom Case
AR5012  8" X 12" Standard Tom Case
AR5129  9" X 12" Standard Tom Case
AR5013  9" X 13" Standard Tom Case
AR5014 10" X 14" Standard Tom Case
AR5015 12" X 15" Standard Tom Case
  Fast Tom Cases
AR6008  7" X 8" Fast Tom Case
AR6013  10" X 13" Fast Tom Case
AR6014  11" X 14" Fast Tom Case
AR6016  13" X 16" Fast Tom Case
Pg. 12  
  Rolling Hardware Sled & Cases
AA5028  28" X 16" X 12" Hardware Bag no/wheels
AA5028W 28" X 14" X 14" Hardware Bag w/wheels
AA5038w  OGIO Engineered Hardware Sled - 38" X 16" X 14" Hardware Bag w/wheels & pull-out handle
AA5047w 47" X 16" X 14" Hardware Bag w/wheels
  Cymbal Cases
AR6023RS  DELUXE HEAVY DUTY CYMBAL BAG w/padded back pack straps
  Stick Bags
  Drum Muffler - Seat Covers - POP
AA9031 STRAP- ON Padded Shoulder Strap
AAPOP Point of Purchase Display-Drum w/ Lit
  Drum Mats - Hinged
AA9020 DRUM MAT Standard - 78" X 62" w/ Gel Back & Snap Lock Quick Release Handle
AA9027 DRUM MAT Double - 107" x 62" w/ Gel Back & Snap Lock Quick Release Handle
  Cajon Cases
AACAJ1 Cajon Deluxe w/ Shoulder Strap (21" X 12" X 12")
AACAJ2 Cajon Classic w/ Shoulder Strap (21" X 12" X 12")
AACAJ3 Cajon Deluxe w/ Ruck Sack (21" X 12" X 12")
  Percussion - Pedal Bags
AA8210  30" X 10" Conga Bag 
AA8211 30" X 11" Conga Bag Deluxe
AA8212 30" X 12" Conga Bag Deluxe
AA8213 30" X 13" Conga Bag Deluxe
AA8214 30" X 14" Super Tumba Conga Bag Deluxe
AA8113 Bongo Bag
AA8114 Single Bass Pedal Bag
AA8115 Double Bass Pedal Bag
AA9110 24" X 10" Djembe Bag Deluxe
AA9112 24" X 12" Djembe Bag Deluxe
AA9113 26" X 13" Djembe Bag Deluxe
AA9114 26" X 14" Djembe Bag Deluxe
AA9115  28" X 15" Djembe Bag Deluxe
AA9116  29" X 16" Djembe Bag Deluxe
AA9017 15" X 18" Percussion Bag
AA9021 UTILITY BAG Multi Pocket
AA9026 Drum Throne/Student Snare Case
  Ethnic Cases
AASUR14 14" Surdo (16" X 24.5")
AASUR16 16" Surdo (18" X 24.5")
AASUR18 18" Surdo (20" X 24.5")
AASUR20 20" Surdo (22" X 24.5")
AASUR22 22" Surdo (24" X 24.5")
AASUR24 24" Surdo (26" X 24.5")
AATIM12 12" Timba (14" X 31.5")
AATIM13 13" Timba (15.25" X 31.5")
AATIM14 14" Timba (15.75" X 27.5")
AATIM142 14" Timba (15.75" X 35.5")
AAREP08 8" Repinque (10" X 11.75")
AAREP10 10" Repinque (12" X 13.5")
AAREP12 12" Repinque (14.5" X 13.5")
AAPAN10 10" Pandiero (12" X 2.25")
AAPAN11 11" Pandiero (13" X 2.25")
AAPAN12 12" Pandiero (13.8" X 2.25")
AA9118 12" Bodhran
AA9119 14" Bodhran
AA9120 16" Bodhran
AA9121 18" Bodhran




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