• AS614CBAHEAD Chrome Blue on Brass
  • AS614AHEAD Black-on-Brass
  • AS614AHEAD Black-on-Brass-SnareSide
  • ASC614AHEAD Chrome-on-Brass
  • ASSB614AHEAD Steam-Bent-1-Ply-Maple-Gun-Metal
  • ASW614AHEAD Wenge-Stave
  • AS614FBAHEAD Flat-Black-on-Brass
  • AS614RCAHEAD Red-Candy-on-Brass
  • AS614SSnAHEAD Silver-Sparkle-on-Brass
  • ASMS614AHEAD 1inch-Thick-Stave-Maple
  • AS614PBBAHEAD Polished-Bell-Brass
  • AS614BBBAHEAD Black-on-Bell-brass
  • AS614ABAHEAD Brunson-Lugs


Expanding the range of top-quality snare drum choices available to today's drummers, Big Bang Distribution has added several new Brass and Bell-Brass models to its legendary collection of Ahead snare drums.

Ahead's 1.5 mm brass shell snare drums (shown at left) have a penetrating crack and lightning fast response that is characteristic of this popular type of drum. Available in 6x13 and 6x14 versions in a choice of Black Chrome, Chrome, Textured Black and gleaming Blue Candy, Red Candy and Silver Sparkle finishes, the Ahead brass drums come "Fully Loaded" with Fat Cat Snare Wires, Remo heads, Tight Screw tension rods, S-Hoops and Trick or Dunnett Throw-Offs.

The heavy, cast-brass, 6x14 bell brass drums (shown at right) are available in black on brass and polished brass finishes. Known for their dry, powerful sound and superior sensitivity, snare drums made from Bell Brass shells have been coveted by live and studio drummers who play rock, R&B, Latin and many other styles of contemporary music. Ahead's bell brass snare drums are meticulously produced and "Fully Loaded" with upgraded, state-of-the-art components.


  • AS614CB 6"x14" AHEAD Blue Chrome on Brass w/Chrome Trick Throw-Off
  • AS614FB 6"x14" AHEAD Flat Black on Brass w/Chrome Trick Throw-Off
  • AS614BC 6"x14" AHEAD Blue Candy Sparkle on Brass w/Chrome Trick Throw-Off
  • AS614RC 6"x14" AHEAD Red Candy Sparkle on Brass w/Chrome Trick Throw-Off
  • AS614SS 6"x14" AHEAD Silver Sparkle on Brass w/Chrome Trick Throw-Off
  • AS614BBB 6"x14" AHEAD Black Chrome on 3mm CAST Bell Brass w/Chrome Trick Throw-Off
  • AS614PBB 6"x14" AHEAD Polished 3mm CAST Bell Brass w/Chrome Trick Throw-Off
  • ASMS614 6"x14" AHEAD 1-Ply Maple Stave, 1" Thick w/Dunnett DR4 Throw-off
  • ASSB614 6"x14" AHEAD Steam Bent 1-Ply Maple (Gun Metal Lacquer Finish) w/Black Trick Throw-Off
  • ASW614 6"x14" AHEAD African Exotic Wenge Stave 1-Ply Snare Drum w/Dunnett DR4 Throw-off
  • AS614AB 6"x14" AHEAD Black on Brass w/ABLUG LUG (1.5mm Shell) w/Dunnett DR4 Throw-off
  • ASC614 6"x14" AHEAD Chrome on Brass Snare Drum w/Dunnett DR4 Throw-off

Simon Edgoose

Famed for their aluminum sticks, Ahead have ventured into a new area. On the Ahead stand were some new metal snares. Now, I must admit to not being tremendously excited by the prospect of another new snare drum, but at the risk of sounding like an advert… “That was before I heard it!”. The shells are very thin and are 14” or 13” x 6” in black chrome over brass.

They have tube lugs, Fat Cat snares (with the adjustable tension inner wires), S-Hoops (triple flange hoops with a larger top flange angled over the bearing edge, which sound more like cast hoops), Tight Screw tension rods (which have an insert of nylon to guarantee they never de-tune) and a choice of Dunnett or Trick throw offs. Now, on paper, they should sound good, but I think that Gerry and I decided they were they best snare we had heard so far at NAMM. When the person who was showing us them first hit one, a guy who was passing stopped and came over and asked what the snare was as it sounded ‘incredible!’. It is stupidly loud (making us blink in a hall with 20m high ceilings) but also REALLY musical. One to check out.

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Ahead 6x13 Black On Brass
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