Bass Drum O's

When it comes to venting and porting, Drum Os gives you plenty of options. Its easy to get creative with Drum Os because there are endless design possibilities. Drum O's now come in 2, 4 & 6-inch diameters! Also each size is available in 8 great colors, including Black, White, Chrome & Brass, in addition, there are 4 new Chrome colors Red, Blue, Green & Purple. In June 2004, Big Bang Distribution introduced the new 2" Tom Port O's designed for porting Toms, Snare Drums, Trash Cans, 5-gallon tubs, Ethnic hand drums and more. The sky is the limit! The new 2" Tom Port O's allow for minimal material removal with more variety in tunable ventilation as well as convenient external microphone access. The 2" Tom Port/ Drum O's will come 2 per pack.

Check out the latest Bass Drum O's Install Video!

Louis Molino III



Daniel de los Reyes

DRUM O's has taken personalizing your bass drum or any drum head and made it easier than ever. Even a CAVEMAN can do it. Different sizes and shapes, different colors, they look great, easy to install and makes the drum sound better than ever. DRUM O's, I highly recommend them.

Drum-O's makes personalizing your bass drum so easy anyone can do it! They have many different sizes and shapes, but just one EASY setup and then placement is all you need to quickly change up your bass drum to reflect your individual style. Take your drums up a beat with Drum-Os . . . where quality always comes standard.





Available Sizes: 2 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch
Available Colors: Black, White, Chrome, Brass, Red, Blue, Green and Purple



Additional Product Information
Drum O's Pre-Cut Front Heads
Drum O's go oval press release





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