Hi Guys, my name is Ted MacKenzie. Several months have passed since I purchased
your 22" and 20" rides. I have recorded with them, gigged and taught my students (40+)
using them exclusively. Congrats on a fantastic product!


To whom this may concern, my name is Sylvester Williamson. I'm a proud owner of a few Kasza cymbals and I must admit, I love these cymbals.
I play them in church and with the few bands I play with here in Cincinnati. They remind me of the older A zildjians that I miss; they really take me back. I own a few of your cymbals: 16", 17" ,18", crash cymbals and a pair of 14"skinny fat hats. I plan to our purchase :16",18",19"'20" crash cymbals three 18" China cymbals 8",10",and 12" splash cymbals a 23"ruckus bell ride and a pair of 13" skinny fat hats. I can't tell you how glad I am to play your cymbals. My band loves them ...... Keep up the good work.


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