Isolation Headphone + Metronome System

  • Professional referencing sound from any audio source (Stereo Line-In)
  • 2 Separate speaker systems (Metronome & KOSS Reference Speakers)
  • Frequency Response 15 - 25000 Hz
  • Liquid Filled Cushions, 29db Isolation, Superior Head Clamp Pressure
  • 9' Replacable Stereo Cord, Optional Built-in Metronome System w/On-Off/Volume/Speed Controls, "Click" line out via 2.5 mm jack

Additional Product Information
Metrophones MP Headphones rated best!

Metrophones’™ New Gel Filled Cushions Offer Increased Comfort and Isolation.

Already the world’s best-rated and most popular line of headphones for drummers. Metrophones™ have recently been upgraded with new, black, GFC “Ultra-Comfort” gel-filled cushions. The new cushions provide increased comfort and isolation which is why, coupled with their integrated metronome and reference-quality speaker systems, Metrophones are becoming an essential part of every modern drummer’s kit.

GFC cushions are now available to retro-fit all existing Metrophones while Metrophones with the new and improved cushions are offered in three models:
• Metrophones (MP) - Analog infinite speed dial (40-250 BPM) with volume control and on/off switch.
• Metrophones Digital (MPD) LCD tempo display and toggle-type tempo control (40-250 BPM) with volume control and on/off switch
• Studio Kans (SK) – Superior stereo isolation headphones without metronome function.

The multi-purpose headphones reduce ambient noise by 29 decibels to provide isolation from ambient noise as well as hearing protection. In addition to being a drummer-friendly, easy-to-hear metronome, Metrophones can also be used to provide a click-track and as over-ear monitors in rehearsal, practice, recording and live performance situations. They feature a studio-quality frequency response of 15 - 25000 Hz along with a ˝ stereo line-in jack, 2.5mm “click” line-out mini-jack and extra-long (9-foot), replaceable stereo cord.

Used and endorsed by drumming legends, Travis Barker, Paul Wertico, Daniel Adair, Paul Leim and Dom Famularo, and distributed exclusively by Big Bang Distribution, Metrophones are now available at leading drumshops and music stores.


MPDG1 GFC Gel Cushion MPG1

WFC-Replacement Liquid Filled Cushion
MPC-Right Angle Replacment Stereo Cable 10'
MPB-Padded Carrying Case
POPMP-Metrophone POP Display (w/Stand Mount)

Metrophone Headphones Artists
Paul Leim Daniel Adair Dom Famularo Eddie Bayers Travis Barker
Oscar Seaton Mike White David Northrup Paul Wertico Mark Zonder
To change the Battery on Metrophones, carefully peel off the liquid filled ear cushion, on the side that the cable plugs into. The speaker board should pop off, as it is held in place by the cushion. Being careful not to pull on the wires, remove the foam insulation to expose the battery. Replace the 9 volt battery with a high quality battery such as a Duracell, for longest life. Replace the foam insulation then, hold the speaker board back in place as it was, while attaching the liquid cushion.


Our NEW Gel filled cushions are an available accessory and those past users that have the old liquid cushions can upgrade to the New Gel Filled Cushions.
See your favorite dealer or contact us.


Big Bang Distribution
9420 Reseda Blvd.
PMB 350
Northridge, CA 91324

Metrophones in action - Travis Barker

Additional Product Information
Metrophones Brochure
Metrophones MP Headphones rated best!


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